Fashion: Key chains…Are you crazy?!

Yes…you read the title right…today we are talking key chains. I have a major addiction to handbags and accessories and key chains are no exception.  I normally spend a small fortune on key chains that I know will last me for many years. I have two sets of keys I carry around on a everyday basis. My first set is strictly just my car key on its own key chain. I recently purchased a new car and felt it was time to celebrate with a new key chain (yes I do know how crazy and absurd this sounds). I searched the entire US to find this Hermes Carmen bicolor in black and wine. I finally located it in the San Francisco Hermes Boutique and couldn’t be more excited. My second set of keys contain my house keys, mail key, etc, have been securely placed in my Louis Vuitton 6 Key ring holder for over 4 years. I truly love this key ring and can’t recommend it enough. I know spending this kind of money sounds crazy (yes crazy) on a key chain, but in my opinion if they last you years and truly make you happy…why not!
Do you have a favorite key chain accessory?


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