Everyday Life: Filofax Planner System

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I am a planner addict. I love having a calendar and love decorating it to fit my style. After having a not so great experience with a recent purchase from another planner retailer, I decided Filofax would be my best bet. I was lucky enough to pick up the Personal Size Finsbury in Black at a local boutique office supply store in San Francisco. I have been having fun collecting Scotch Washi Tape from Target or Office Depot. Its a great and colorful way to decorate your weekly pages. I ordered inserts from KiddyQualia on Etsy (pictured above) for 2014 and 2015 along with some lined notepaper. I ordered the cutest little pocket folder from youracrafty1 on Etsy (pictured above). I ordered some custom tabs from FiloPhia on Etsy (pictured above). Last but certainly not least I purchased some dashboards, bookmarks, and planner charm from plannerfancy on Etsy. All these vendors are so reasonably priced and offer beautiful items to customize your planner. Please click the links above on their names to check out their Etsy stores. I will be shocked if you can’t find a new item for your planning needs.
How do you decorate your planner?


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