Travel: Alaska

Welcome back to another special post from my mom, Margie Dingfelder. This week we are off to the beautiful state of Alaska…enjoy!
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“Everyone always raves about Alaskan cruises so my husband and I decided to give it a try. Our concern was that we would be very cold. Wow were we right. We went at the beginning of September and it was rainy, cold and snowing. I now know that the only time to go is in mid July so I will pass that advice on to you. We missed a lot of the beautiful scenery because it was covered in clouds. It was worth the cold to see the glorious glacier and the fiords. We even got a brief look at the Northern Lights. It was our first cruise on Celebrity. We usually prefer smaller cruise ships. We decided to splurge on a large suite that came with a butler and yes it was worth it. Some think that having a butler is extravagant and silly but having a butler allows you to be served dinner in your suite so you don’t have to get dressed up to go to dinner after a tiring day of shore excursions. He surprised us with an invite to have dinner with the captain and got us a tour of the bridge of the ship. Did you know that a cruise ship is driven by what looks like a joy stick that you would use for video games? We had a blast. If you are like us and prefer smaller ships think about trying a big suite on a large ship like Celebrity. Celebrity is the top of the line in large cruise ships. It is still cheaper than the higher priced small cruise ships.
Share your favorite cruise line and Alaska experiences.”


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