Everyday Life: Favorite Summer Drinks!

image-2 image-3
I love a cold drink on a warm summer day…dont you?! In the spirit of all this hot weather we are having, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite cold drinks. If you are in the mood for a caffeine boost and love ice coffee I highly recommend Blue Bottle Coffee from New Orleans. It is a bit strong for my taste so I like to mix in some Rich and Creamy Vanilla Almond Milk from Full Circle. With these two mixed together…it tastes like a coffee ice cream drink…yum! If you are after a lighter caffeine pick me up I suggest the Honest Half and Half (half tea and half lemonade). It has a light delicious taste. Last but not least water! Whether you are searching for a Coconut Water/Juice or plain old water…nothing beats the heat like a cold glass of water. All these fabulous drinks can be found at Whole Foods market.
Do you have a favorite summer time drink?


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