Beauty: Scrub A Dub Dub…

 image-3 image-4image-2
People think I am crazy for spending $17 on a body wash…well…I think your crazy for not! I was introduced to Philosophy bath and body over 6 years ago…and must say it has been the best discovery. They have the most wonderful smelling shower gels, which can also be used as Shampoo (don’t recommend) and bubble bath (haven’t tried). There is a smell for all seasons and every holiday that will turn your shower into a small getaway. The best part of all…is the scent does not linger on your skin past the shower, which is nice. I always get so excited when its time to pick up a new scent…I have even been buying the smaller bottles so that I can try more scents. As you can imagine I was thrilled when I saw the “Girls of Summer” box of 3 for $27 at my local Ulta. It was a hard choice between this box set and the Hooray for Sorbet Trio (that will be next on my list).
Do you have a favorite body wash..and have you tried Philosophy?


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