Travel: Tahiti

Welcome back for another special post from my Mom, Margie Dingfelder. This week we are off to the beautiful island of Tahiti…enjoy!
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“Every island lover dreams of going to Tahiti. We thought it was way too far away but not true! Tahiti is only a 7-8 hour flight from Los Angeles. We decided to see it by cruising on Paul Gauguin’s marvelous ship. Tahiti is made up of a few different islands. Tahiti is actually our least favorite. Moorea and Bora Bora are the places to go but you have to go through Tahiti first. When we got to Bora Bora I started singing “Bali Hai” from the musical, South Pacific. If you are spending some nights on land, splurge for one of their Overwater Bungalows. We went on a scary water jet ski tour around Bora Bora, snorkeled in what they called a Lagoonarium with beautiful colorful fish, Manta Rays and Sharks that were safe but still a bit unnerving. The islands are absolutely gorgeous but outrageously expensive. Have you ever been to Tahiti? We’d love to hear your experiences.”


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