Fashion: Sunglasses

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Recently my Mom and I took a trip down to Nordstrom (TROUBLE!). We were strolling through the store and stopped in the sunglass department. We had a bit of fun trying on some outrageous styles and trendy glasses. It made me think…every girl truly needs a lux pair of shades. I adore sunglasses and have collected different styles over the past 10 years or so. Some of my favorite sunglasses are from Chanel and Tom Ford, however, I love Ray Bans as well (especially the price)! Although we did not pick up any new glasses this trip, I figured I would share with you my go to shades this year. Pictured on the top row are my classic black and white pair from Chanel (Style 5171 –  Retail $400.00). Pictured below are also by Chanel and are bit on the trendier side (Style 5182 – Retail $325.00).
What are your favorite sunglasses?


2 thoughts on “Fashion: Sunglasses

  1. I ❤ these!! Chanel makes amazing sunnies ❤ my favorites for this season are marc jacobs and warby parker 😀

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