Travel: River Cruising

Welcome back to another special post from my Mom, Margie Dingfelder.
This week we are off for a River Cruise…enjoy!
  image-2 image-7image-5 image-4
image-6 image-3
“River Cruising is an entirely different experience than Ocean Cruising. My husband and I decided to try it and went on Tauck’s ship down the Rhine and Moselle Rivers. We started in Amsterdam and ended in Basal Switzerland. Our favorite places were Heidelberg, Baden-Baden in Germany, Strasbourg, France, and Basal, Switzerland. There are only about 110 people on board and you make friends easily. No worries about seasickness! I’ll never forget sitting on top of the ship gliding down the Moselle overlooking gorgeous vineyards and Castles and listening to the narrations from the ship’s wonderful tour guides. We were wined and dined at a family winery in the Moselle region. Everyday we were given tours by fabulous local tour guides. It was fascinating going through several locks when the river heights changed. Be aware that it is expensive and that the average age group on board is 50+. If you can afford it get a suite with a balcony. The rooms are much bigger. Tauck is the top of the line!
Have you ever been on a river cruise? Please share your experiences!”
If you are interested in any of the paintings or photographs above, please contact Margie Dingfelder directly at


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