Fashion: Key chains…Are you crazy?!

Yes…you read the title right…today we are talking key chains. I have a major addiction to handbags and accessories and key chains are no exception.  I normally spend a small fortune on key chains that I know will last me for many years. I have two sets of keys I carry around on a everyday basis. My first set is strictly just my car key on its own key chain. I recently purchased a new car and felt it was time to celebrate with a new key chain (yes I do know how crazy and absurd this sounds). I searched the entire US to find this Hermes Carmen bicolor in black and wine. I finally located it in the San Francisco Hermes Boutique and couldn’t be more excited. My second set of keys contain my house keys, mail key, etc, have been securely placed in my Louis Vuitton 6 Key ring holder for over 4 years. I truly love this key ring and can’t recommend it enough. I know spending this kind of money sounds crazy (yes crazy) on a key chain, but in my opinion if they last you years and truly make you happy…why not!
Do you have a favorite key chain accessory?


Beauty: Summertime/Nighttime Make Up Must Haves!


I am honestly a no fuss make up kinda gal. I like my face to look as fresh and dewy yet simple as possible. However for special occasions or a night out, I like to go that extra mile. Pictured above is a look at my go to favorites for a summertime/nighttime make up look. Starting from left to right…Z Palatte in Zebra with a few of my most used Mac Shadows and Mac Blush…Nars Lipgloss in Turkish Delight…Cle de Peau Concealer in Ivory…YSL Teint Resist Long Wear Endless Foundation in No. 2…Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler…Dior Poudre Shimmer in Diamante Rose No. 001…La Mer Moisturizing Lotion…Mac Paint Pot in Painterly…Tom Ford Lipstick in Nude Vanille No. 12…Dior Dior Show Mascara in Black…Anastasia Brow Wiz…Milani Eye Tech Extreme in Blackest Black No. 01…Mac Lip Pencil in Boldly Bare…Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in 495 Mica Rose (beautiful wedding color)…and finally my Anastasia Brow Powder Duo. I love these products and they make for a beautiful look.
What are your favorite summertime/nighttime make up products?

Travel: University of the Pacific!

Welcome back for a special back to school post from my mom Margie Dingfelder. This week is all about reuniting with old friends and reminiscing about your school days. Lets get started…
image-3 image-4 image-5 image-6image-2
“This is my college reunion road trip.  This past weekend my old college roommate came to visit me. We hadn’t seen each other in about 20 years. We decided to take an alumni road trip for the day to University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. We had a blast reminiscing! We found our way there with help from my navigation system. We walked all over the beautiful campus in 100 degree temperature to our old dorms, the library, buildings where we used to take classes, and the campus chapel where she reminded me that she had gotten married. There was a wedding going on there but we waited it out so we could go in and take photos. We met a student there and we introduced ourselves as former students way back when. We spoke about the differences in tuition, dorm life, colleges as we remembered them etc. He assured us that we really weren’t that old even though he could have almost been our grandchild. We found out that our former football stadium had been torn down. We figured that since Pete Carroll, the head coach of the Sea Hawks, played football there when we were there that his name had to be somewhere. No luck! After that we were determined to find our apartment that we shared for 2 years. It was a challenge due to both of our senior moments, but she somehow remembered that it looked Polynesian. Old memories of what we did in the apartment flooded back. It was really a perfect day rekindling our friendship like it was yesterday.

Have you ever done something similar? Please feel free to share those special moments with us.”

Book Review: Star Island

image-2Star Island by Carl Hiaasen
Retail – $14.99
Carl Hiaasen is a wonderful story-teller. His writing style is right up my alley! This story is about a 22 year-old pop star named Cherry Pye. She is attempting to make a comeback after some drug and alcohol incidents, that to say the least have hurt her reputation. Thanks to her undercover double, her comeback may actually work until her double is kidnapped in South Beach by a crazy paparazzo named Bang. Things turn out to be a bit more complicated than originally planned. This story takes you for a ride and certainly plays on the American Celebrity Culture. Overall a great read!
Have you read Star Island or any other books by Carl Hiaasen?

Everyday Life: Filofax Planner System

  image-2   image-2image-3  image-2   image-4image-3 image-2
I am a planner addict. I love having a calendar and love decorating it to fit my style. After having a not so great experience with a recent purchase from another planner retailer, I decided Filofax would be my best bet. I was lucky enough to pick up the Personal Size Finsbury in Black at a local boutique office supply store in San Francisco. I have been having fun collecting Scotch Washi Tape from Target or Office Depot. Its a great and colorful way to decorate your weekly pages. I ordered inserts from KiddyQualia on Etsy (pictured above) for 2014 and 2015 along with some lined notepaper. I ordered the cutest little pocket folder from youracrafty1 on Etsy (pictured above). I ordered some custom tabs from FiloPhia on Etsy (pictured above). Last but certainly not least I purchased some dashboards, bookmarks, and planner charm from plannerfancy on Etsy. All these vendors are so reasonably priced and offer beautiful items to customize your planner. Please click the links above on their names to check out their Etsy stores. I will be shocked if you can’t find a new item for your planning needs.
How do you decorate your planner?

Fashion: Colored jeans?!

Yes yes…I know I am very late to this colored jeans party but better late than never right?! I do love this trend but decided gray and white colored jeans were as close as I was going to get. I know not very adventurous…but these are my colors I can’t help it! I picked these jeans up from Macy’s a few weeks ago on sale and decided I would give them a shot. I have had fun styling different outfits with them and must say that adding a different color jean to any outfit adds a new twist that I love!
Have you been loving the colored jeans trend?

Beauty: Shiseido Gentle Cleansing Cream Review

Shiseido Gentle Cleansing Cream
I have been wanting to try a more reasonably priced cleanser to help remove makeup at the end of the day. I was looking online for some reviews and this Gentle Cleanser from Shiseido came back with flying colors. This gentle cleansing cream is exactly what it says it is…its light on the skin, melts away your makeup, very lightly scented, and non-clogging to pores. It has been dermatologist tested and best of all comes in at only $30! I have been using this for over a week and must say it is great. I love the feel of the cream on my skin and it doesn’t leave a film and doesn’t leave my skin feeling uncomfortably tight. I have been really enjoying this as a nice treat after a long day. If you are interested in trying this cleanser it can be purchased here!
Have you tried the Gentle Cleansing Cream or anything from Shiseido’s Skincare line?

Travel: Utah

Welcome back for another great travel post from my mom Margie Dingfelder. This week we are off to the breathtaking state of Utah! Enjoy these amazing photos…
image-2 image-3image-4
^ Zion 
image-5 image-7image-6
^Bryce Canyon

“Experience the awesome beauty of Zion and Bryce Canyons on a road trip from Las Vegas, Nevada or St George, Utah. Zion National Park is 229 square miles of dramatic landscape with sculptured canyons and soaring cliffs. You look up in Zion and down in Bryce National Park to bizarre colorful limestone rock formations called hoodoos. These wondrous mazes of pinnacles and spires are a must see!
Have you ever been to these gorgeous national parks? Share your photos!”

Book Review: Arranged

Arranged by Catherine McKenzie
Retail – $14.99
I must admit part of the reason this book caught my attention was because it was on the sale table, but the description on the back intrigued me enough to purchase this and take it home with me. This entertaining love story is about a girl named Anne who cant seem to find the right guy for her. While her best friend is off getting engaged and planning her wedding to the guy of her dreams, Anne decides to take matters into her own hands and hires an agency to arrange her marriage for her. This story is about friendship, honesty, love, and what truly connects you and your spouse to make a successful marriage.
Have you read Arranged or any other stories by Catherine McKenzie?

Everyday Life: Infused Water?!

I couldn’t have been more excited than when I got a text from my mom saying she had a little gift for me. 🙂 She always finds the most creative things. She told me she had found these bottles that you can add fruit/lemon etc to flavor your water with! What a clever idea! This bottle is from and comes with everything you see above (minus the water and lemon). I am really impressed and am a total sucker for lemon water. It comes with a small booklet of ideas to infuse your water with. I would say my only complaint would be it is a bit hard to drink from. I have found that once you have acquired the perfect flavor, I unscrew the top with the infuser and drink from the bottle itself with no top. That has made it much easier. I can’t wait to try out new combinations.
Do you have a favorite water bottle?