Beauty: The New Plié Wand From Julep

4Z3A4838-1024x682  PlieBrush.skinny-1024x239
(Photos Courtesy of Julep)
I am so excited to team up with Julep to help launch their newest and most innovative beauty product yet…The Plié Wand! I always have trouble polishing my own nails…or lets just say one hand always looks way better than the other UNTIL NOW. When Julep approached me about the Plié Wand I couldn’t have been more excited. This wand will completely change the way you paint your nails. The Plié Wand is ergonomically designed that gives you better control, accuracy, and precision, especially when you go to polish your non-dominant hand. For some handy pro tips on using the Plié Wand check this out! The best part of this revolutionary wand…the new Plié caps (and brushes) fit on all your existing Julep nail color bottles!! To celebrate I already have picked out my new summer colors! The question is…can you live without your very own Plié Wand? I think not…click here to order yours today!



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