Travel: Introducing A Special Guest and Amsterdam

My love of travel started as a young child. My mother and father have always been travel enthusiasts and have always been advocates for exploring and seeing the world. Their excitement and love for seeing the world was/is contagious and gave me so many memories that will last a life time. Considering my parents have seen and traveled more of the world than I have, I have asked my mother to co-blog the travel topic of Life According to L.D. Not only does my mother love to travel she is a professional photographer and travel agent. I hope you enjoy her stories, experiences and photographs.

If you are interested in any of her photographs featured in her posts, please contact her directly at

image-2  image image-3
Without further ado…lets get on with our first location…Amsterdam…
“Amsterdam is a young liberal person’s dream. Every coffee shop is actually a place to buy and smoke marijuana. While riding the boats on the canals you see beautiful Dutch homes. Sailing by the red light district is quite a sight even during the day. On land the mode of transportation is on bicycles. You can easily get run over by a bicycle while walking the city’s narrow streets. My favorite thing in Holland were the windmills. We visited a windmill village where we climbed around inside and saw wooden clogs being made. Have you ever been to Holland. Share your experiences!”


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