Beauty: Urban Decay Naked Palette

I like my eye shadows just like I like my clothes in very neutral colors. When the Urban Decay Naked Palette came out my husband and I were in New York. I didn’t know too much about it other than no store could keep this baby in stock. I called my Mom up (another make up lover) and said I have something you are going to want. She completely agreed after a quick description of this pure genius palette. I was lucky enough to find a store that had two left in stock and quickly snatched them up. To this day my Mom and I completely adore this palette. Not only is it great for everyday, great for travel, but you can create many different looks all with these 12 colors. I have since purchased the Naked Palette 2 (not as good as the 1st), and was gifted the Naked Basics (which I adore), but nothing is as good as the 1st. If you are in the market for a good neutrals palette…you should run not walk to the store to purchase this.
Do you own any of the Naked Palettes? If so…which one is your fav?


2 thoughts on “Beauty: Urban Decay Naked Palette

  1. I’ve got the Naked 3, I use it everyday and have abandoned all my over eyeshadows, I’m now looking at getting a second one (want a good brown palette too) and think its going to have to be the first! For me the second looks good, but theres quite a lot of white in it! Good post x

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