Book Review: Misfit

Misfit by Adam Braver
Retail – $15.95
Something about Marilyn Monroe, or shall I say Norma Jeane Baker, is very intriguing. I never really knew much about her personal life other than she was an iconic figure in Hollywood, until I read this book. Misfit, is both a mix of fiction and fact and recounts the last weekend of her life spent at Frank Sinatra’s resort Cal Neva Lodge. For someone not knowing her life and story, this book was captivating and I truly enjoyed the story, but it was up to the reader to decipher what is truth and what is fiction. If you are a true Marilyn Monroe admirer, I am not sure this book is for you. I feel that if you know the in-depth story of her life and death, this book may be nothing more than just a story considering it can be found in the fiction section of your bookstore.
Are you a Marilyn Monroe fan?


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