Everyday Life: Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Hard to believe I am 27 today. Truthfully I feel like I’m turning 35, but am happy to know I have a few years before that number comes around. This year has been about stepping outside my comfort zone, learning what really matters, putting my happiness first, and doing things I have held off doing for years. I have always been told that I am “mature for my age”, “beyond my years” and “an old soul”, however this year I truly wanted to start really living my life and not settling just because I felt it was the right thing to do. This year I have made some of the best choices and so thankful to say that I am the happiest I have been in a long time. My husband (and family) has been such an amazing support and was the one who finally gave me the extra push I needed to create Life According to L.D. and I am so glad he did.
Here is to another fabulous year…and hope it only keeps getting better!


Fashion: Please Put Your Hands Together For My Latest Handbag Addition…3.1 Phillip Lim Mini Pashli in Iridescent

3.1 Phillip Lim – Pashli Mini Leather in Iridescent
Tomorrow is my birthday (more on that in tomorrow’s post) and thankfully my husband and family know one thing. I am addicted to handbags and everything having to do with them. Without further ado…please welcome my birthday present and new addition to my handbag family…my 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Mini Leather in Iridescent. I have seen this bag in many different sizes and colors and have admired it from afar. I always felt the bag was a bit too small for my frame and would not hold my larger wallets. After stopping into Nordstrom to return a purchase (figures right), I stopped by the designer handbag section (to look I swear) and bam…this bag stopped me in my tracks. After a quick adjustment of the strap and slipping my wallet into the bag (a perfect fit) I knew this lil baby was mine. Thank you to my husband for a new great lil bag.
Have you recently treated yourself to a new handbag?

Beauty: The New Plié Wand From Julep

4Z3A4838-1024x682  PlieBrush.skinny-1024x239
(Photos Courtesy of Julep)
I am so excited to team up with Julep to help launch their newest and most innovative beauty product yet…The Plié Wand! I always have trouble polishing my own nails…or lets just say one hand always looks way better than the other UNTIL NOW. When Julep approached me about the Plié Wand I couldn’t have been more excited. This wand will completely change the way you paint your nails. The Plié Wand is ergonomically designed that gives you better control, accuracy, and precision, especially when you go to polish your non-dominant hand. For some handy pro tips on using the Plié Wand check this out! The best part of this revolutionary wand…the new Plié caps (and brushes) fit on all your existing Julep nail color bottles!! To celebrate I already have picked out my new summer colors! The question is…can you live without your very own Plié Wand? I think not…click here to order yours today!


Travel: Introducing A Special Guest and Amsterdam

My love of travel started as a young child. My mother and father have always been travel enthusiasts and have always been advocates for exploring and seeing the world. Their excitement and love for seeing the world was/is contagious and gave me so many memories that will last a life time. Considering my parents have seen and traveled more of the world than I have, I have asked my mother to co-blog the travel topic of Life According to L.D. Not only does my mother love to travel she is a professional photographer and travel agent. I hope you enjoy her stories, experiences and photographs.

If you are interested in any of her photographs featured in her posts, please contact her directly at margiesportraits@aol.com

image-2  image image-3
Without further ado…lets get on with our first location…Amsterdam…
“Amsterdam is a young liberal person’s dream. Every coffee shop is actually a place to buy and smoke marijuana. While riding the boats on the canals you see beautiful Dutch homes. Sailing by the red light district is quite a sight even during the day. On land the mode of transportation is on bicycles. You can easily get run over by a bicycle while walking the city’s narrow streets. My favorite thing in Holland were the windmills. We visited a windmill village where we climbed around inside and saw wooden clogs being made. Have you ever been to Holland. Share your experiences!”

Book Review: Market Street

Market Street by Anita Hughes
Retail – $14.99
I love strolling into a bookstore and finding a great book on sale. This one caught my eye and figured I would pick it up. Boy am I glad I did. This book was amazing and easily may be my new favorite book. This story is based here in the San Francisco Bay area and is about a woman who is the heiress to a high-end department store. She is more interested in her marriage and her garden than following her mother’s footsteps in running the store until she discovers her husband had an affair and her whole word is turned upside down. Anita Hughes did a wonderful job telling this story and has a few other books out (that I already have on my wish list).
Have you read any books by Anita Hughes?

Everyday Life: Notebooks

There is really nothing better than a good notebook. I am not biased on size or shape…I just love paper and everything involving organization. I have notebooks ranging from Hermes, Street Vendors, May Designs, Erin Condren and more. I love hand writing and feel with social media, e-mail, and texting…the art has somewhat been lost. In order to “keep hand writing alive” in my world…I choose to have a 1000 notebooks. Sounds justifiable right?!
Do you have a favorite type of notebook?

Fashion: Wildfox

Wildfox! These pull over sweatshirt like tops are amazing! I first discovered them in a magazine and thought they were a cute thing for travel. I love to be comfortable while traveling and this seemed like a great thing to have on hand. When my family was in Las Vegas I figured it would be the perfect time to scoop one up. However these were harder to find than I thought. After a hard intense search I was able to find my baby blue new york city pullover (pictured on the top right). Since Vegas I have picked up two more to add to my small collection (LA skyline in a heart and California Girl). I love these tops to pieces and wear them on the weekend during the fall and winter. Wildfox can be purchased here.
Do you own any Wildfox pieces?

Beauty: Cheeky!

image-2 image
If I could paint the world pink I would…so why not “paint” my cheeks pink everyday?! I say yes! I heart blush. I think blush makes your face come alive and adds a nice pop of color to your skin. My all time favorite blush has to be Givenchy Le Prisme in 24 It Girl. No the picture above does not do it justice (apologize for the blended look of colors) but I could not leave it out of this post. However some of my other favorites are MAC Summer Rose, Nars Mata Hari, MAC Tippy, and Tarte exposed. As you can see I have a small obsession with Pink (all shades) but I also love neutral cheek colors.
What is your favorite blush?

Travel: Welcome to San Francisco…Home of the Golden Gate

image-2 image
image-2 image
Just imagine yourself driving over the Golden Gate Bridge into the beautiful city of San Francisco. Honestly heights are not really my thing but going over the Golden Gate Bridge is an experience you can’t miss. San Francisco is much like New York…but on a smaller scale. The city itself is also very relaxed, diverse, welcoming, and accepting of just about anything. I have lived in the Bay Area all my life and am truly thankful I have been surrounded by such liberal and accepting people. I have traveled to other places even within the US and it’s always eye-opening to see that the things accepted here in San Francisco are looked down upon elsewhere. San Francisco has so many fun places to visit, explore and taste. You have museums, City Hall, shopping, Japan Town, China Town, and the Mission District. If you have never stepped foot in this city…you a truly missing out on a one of a kind experience.
Have you ever been to San Francisco?

Book Review: Girls in White Dresses

Girls In White Dresses by Jennifer Close
Retail – $24.95
Girls In White Dresses is based on a group of young girlfriends living in New York City. They are all experiencing different stages of their lives and yet they are all still so connected with one another. This book takes you through their ups and downs as both individuals and as friends. Jennifer Close wrote this book beautifully and makes you feel as if you are just one of the girls and living their lives right along with them. This is truly a great read and I have already started The Smart One, also written by Jennifer Close.
Do you have a favorite friendship book?