Beauty: Hairbrush

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Before you run for the hills…let me just say that these hair brushes will change your life. REALLY! I am not a huge hair product person but I love a good brush that helps make the job easier. About 8 years ago I heard about Mason Pearson hair brushes and combs and how they were the “Bentley” of hair brushes, but starting at $105 for a pocket-size brush…I wasn’t quite ready to take the plunge. A few years back when my family was visiting Las Vegas, I stopped in to Acca Kappa. They have a few different hairbrush and comb lines ranging in prices…but are mostly under $120. I ended up picking the 370 model for $40. Its been a great brush and highly recommend them for someone not quite ready to take the plunge on a Mason Pearson. Now lets fast forward to a few months ago when I decided to hit the purchase button. I have to say everyone was right…this brush is amazing. I purchased the “handy” size ($150) and it is worth every dollar (nice when there is gift cards to help out). Yes spending this much on a hair brush is ridiculous I know, but when it does miracles on your hair why not?! Is there one hair product you cannot live without?


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