Everyday Life: Gardening

Hope everyone had a great week and is ready for the holiday weekend. Its always nice having an extended weekend to catch up on chores, relax, kick your feet up, and spend some quality time with loved ones. This year has truly been about change and doing all the things I have held off doing and yes that includes growing a small garden. I finally bit the bullet this year and picked up both a tomato plant and cucumber plant and decided I would give myself a shot at becoming a farmer. Although my husband was skeptical, considering my non existent green thumb, I decided to plant them near our trash can incase disaster struck. Surprisingly enough disaster never struck because as you can see….Ive got tomatoes coming our way. I planted these back at the end of March and with a little TLC and great sun exposure they grew fast. Although I have yet to see the beginning of a cucumber…the plant itself is growing and looks like its only a matter of time. I cant wait to try these veggies!
Do you have a garden and if so what have you planted?


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