Everyday Life: Paco Collars

For those of you who know our dog Toby you know that he has style. Toby has his own wardrobe full of fabulous shirts, coats, and collars. When we first got Toby I was told there is no better place to go for collars/leashes than Paco Collars. They are custom-made and use the best quality leather. So without thinking twice I headed over to get him the collar of his dreams (or one of many). Considering Toby’s size (3.5 pounds) this was no easy task, however the staff was amazing and have now made two beautiful custom collars and leash for him. (Hopefully Toby figures out the whole walking on a leash concept so he can use his beautiful leash haha). If you love your dog or cat the way my family loves our precious little one, check out Paco Collars. They will work with you to make a beautiful collar for you precious 4 legged friend. You won’t be disappointed.


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