Travel: Monterey


Last year for my birthday my husband and I got away for a night to Monterey. This place is very sentimental to us as it was the place we took our first trip as a couple. We decided to stay at the Monterey Plaza Hotel and Spa. This hotel is stunning. With breathtaking views, waterfront location, right in the heart of downtown, and great restaurant options, this is a great quick getaway destination. We had dinner at Schooners Restaurant, which is located right in the hotel. It was delicious, reasonably priced menu, with great waterfront views. They also have a wonderful outdoor shopping mall a few minutes drive from the hotel with a movie theater and other dining choices. Even if you can only get away for a night, I highly recommend Monterey…


4 thoughts on “Travel: Monterey

  1. Monterey is spectacular, even in the winter, and it’s close to Carmel and Pacific Grove, which is where we stay with the wieners.

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